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Walk and Talk therapy

The process is simple, we are walking and talking about concerns and problem-solving. Together we will choose a suitable outdoor location and walk together at a pace that allows for ease of conversation. You will find inspiration in the beautiful surroundings, comfort in having an ally and partner to discuss your challenges, and benefit from the mood-improving endorphins released during even light physical activity.  

run and talk therapy

A program designed especially for more physically active clients and the time-crunched who currently jog or run. We will run and talk together at your pace. Whether you prefer a light jog or a faster pace, we will ensure a speed that allows for ease of conversation and comfort.

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Group Walk and talk

The Pace of Mind Group Therapy Walk is a therapist-led discussion and walk designed for women in groups of up to four. Group Walks will focus on different themes on topics ranging from empty nesting and parenting teens to navigating relationships and more. Group therapy provides a unique opportunity to share concerns with others and learn tools and strategies from our group exchange and discussion. Offered in Westchester and Manhattan. Group walks can be organized upon request.
Advance Registration Required.


IN Office

For some, it is preferable to meet in the office. I see patients at my two offices: one is located in the greenwich village section of New York City and the other is in White Plains. Sometimes, we start in the office and progress to a walk and talk or run and talk session. Please note, sessions during the winter will always be held in my office due to risk of injury outside on snowy or icy paths.