How are run and talk sessions different from walk and talk sessions? +

The benefits of run and talk sessions are similar to those of walk and talk. Exercise can lead to improvements in mood, reduce depressive symptoms, be helpful to cardiovascular conditions, metabolic syndrome and the immune system. (Runner’s World, August 9, 2017).

Where do you do run and talk sessions? Will you come to me or do you have specific locations to meet? +

Sessions will take place at select locations in Westchester (primarily Larchmont, Mamaroneck and Scarsdale) and New York (Central Park and the Reservoir). When possible, I will make myself available to travel to other locations. We will identify a specific meeting place at the time you make your appointment.

What is the length of a run and talk session? +

All sessions are 50 minutes in length, we will be jogging or running for 45 minutes.

How Do You handle confidentiality when we are outside? +

I understand and appreciate this concern. Maintaining confidentiality during our office visits and in outdoor sessions is very important and one of my highest priorities. When we are conducting our session outside in public, there is a chance we may run into someone you or I know. We will strategize about how we will manage this and any other circumstances at the outset of our first session together.

I follow all New York State laws and regulations regarding the confidentiality and privacy of your medical records. Because I do not submit insurance claims to health insurance providers, we are not required to comply with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.) All of your treatment whether in my office or outside is kept confidential. Information will not be released without your written consent unless I suspect child abuse or neglect or feel you are a danger to yourself or others. In exceptional circumstances, a court may order the release of information. Otherwise, releasing information to any agency or individual will require a signed release of information from you.

Do you take insurance? +

I do not accept insurance, but I can provide you with a monthly itemized statement that can be submitted to your insurance for out of network psychotherapy reimbursement. I accept checks, Amex, Visa, MasterCard, and Chase Quickpay by Zelle (addressed to

How do I prepare for a run and talk session? +

Before starting any exercise regimen, please consult with your doctor and do not engage in run and talk therapy if you are sick, injured or running against the recommendation of your doctor.

We are jogging or running at a speed that allows both of us to speak easily. If at any time, it becomes difficult to run and talk, we will slow down and adjust our pace. While we are moving together, the purpose of the run is to address your emotional and behavioral needs. The session is not designed to be a run for fitness or training, but naturally it will be beneficial for your body and you will burn calories. Thus, run and talk therapy is good for your mind and body!

What do I wear? +

Please show up to our run and talk session in your athletic attire – comfortable clothes and sneakers that are weather appropriate.

What if it is raining? Do you walk outside during the winter? +

Rain, lightening, high temperatures and some other weather conditions can make it dangerous for us to run and talk outside. In the event of inclement weather or the forecast for such, I will notify you of cancellation and we will reschedule.

Run and Talk sessions usually start in April and run through October into early November weather permitting. Run and talk sessions are not conducted during the winter due to weather-related risks of injury such as slipping or falling on snow or ice.

Will we continue our therapy in the winter even if we are not able to run outside? +

Absolutely. During the winter months, we will continue our therapy in my office and we will get back outside as soon as we can beginning in April.

Is this a fitness program? +

Our priority is to address your emotional, psychological and behavioral needs and not your fitness needs. We are not focusing on how many miles we cover. You will set the pace, and together we will make sure we are able to converse easily. However, just the movement of walking and running while we talk will naturally benefit your body and you will burn calories.