Get Off The Couch Interview

I am so excited to share my interview about Pace of Mind Therapy and topics related to mental health and wellness on the fabulous MT Nesters Podcast (available on Apple Podcasts).


MT Nesters is a podcast designed to help inspire, motivate and educate Moms and Dads during a challenging and exciting chapter in life. Hosted by Felicia Madison and Nancy Tepper, the podcast features interviews with experts in relevant fields including retirement, financial management, beauty, marriage, health and parenting.

Take a listen to the “Get Off The Couch Already” interview when you are walking, in the car or anywhere in between!

Tracy Teicher Nathanson (center) with MT Nesters hosts Felicia Madison (l) and Nancy Tepper (r)

Tracy Teicher Nathanson (center) with MT Nesters hosts Felicia Madison (l) and Nancy Tepper (r)

Want to try a Pace of Mind Therapy Group Walk? Our upcoming theme is:

Navigating Transitions: Rediscovering Your Confidence and Sense of Self After Separation or Divorce
Wednesdays, July 10 & 17, 9:30am, Mamaroneck
Thursdays, July 11 & 18, 9:30am, New York City
The period during and following a separation or divorce is challenging and can feel lonely. This therapist-led program, designed for women who are separated, going through divorce or already divorced, offers participants an opportunity to share their experiences with women in similar circumstances, and learn strategies for dealing with this difficult transition. Participants should feel confident that our group environment is supportive and confidential. (maximum of 4 participants per walk)
Advance Registration required, please visit the Group Therapy Page to learn more about this program or to sign up